Publishing in Wolfram Language Reviews


This page contains information about publishing in Wolfram Language Reviews.

Why publish in Wolfram Language Reviews

Here are some reasons for publishing in Wolfram Language Reviews:

  • Advertise packages that you've written.
  • Get feedback on ideas and solutions that you have.
  • Teach concepts to others and help grow the Wolfram Language community.


Here are some examples of article types that we like:

Exposition (review articles)

This type of article explains, synthesizes, and reviews information about Wolfram Language concepts. It says in one place that which would take jumping between Stack Exchange answers, the documentation, and possibly other sources, to learn without it.


If you have created a package, or even if you are a user of a package, then you can write an article about that package and explain how to use it.

Applications (tutorials)

This type of article shows how to solve a particular type of problem using Wolfram Language.


A commentary is a mostly non-technical meta-discussion pertaining to Wolfram Language and its usage.

Book reviews

Reviews of books related to Mathematica and Wolfram Language.

Computational essays

Computational essays written using Wolfram Language.

How to submit

Submit your article by sending a Mathematica notebook with your article in it to If a notebook is not the most suitable format for your type of text, also feel welcome to send it in other formats.

Authors retain copyright of their work and may publish it elsewhere, or withdraw it from this site, if they wish.